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For many years, the Ranch House Family Restaurant has been a well loved fixture at the intersection of Columbiana Road and Massey Road in Vestavia Hills. They served Southern-style breakfasts and a staple of the south, meat and three lunches.

Whether you’re in the mood for momma’s Southern Home Cooking or something exotic with a Mediterranean flair, come visit the Ranch House Makarios restaurant and we’re sure you’ll be pleased. We take great pride in serving foods with great flavor and we also pay personal attention to your satisfaction. We promise an experience you will remember and one you will look forward to coming back again.



In 2014, the owners of Makarios Kabob and Grill, a popular Greek and Mediterranean restaurant in Five Points South, acquired the Ranch House restaurant. They ran it business as usual until about a year later, when the owner had an idea that at that time, seemed very unusual; why not serve the best foods of both worlds? Delicious Southern Home Cooking and popular Mediterranean favorites.

The idea became a reality in 2015, when the familiar sign out front got a new look; the Makarios Kabob and Grill logo was added to the top and the most unusual but definitely the most delicious marriage of flavors began.

We Love Our Customers!

The Ranch House has been a proud staple to the Vestavia Community for years and will continue to serve you for years to come!

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